Some of the best wedding moments we captured for our couples in 2015. 

If you are, we are super excited for you and your partner. 

We are a Malay wedding video service provider based in Singapore. We have been making wedding videos since 2013.

We know it can be stressful at times when you are doing a search for wedding services. Trust us, we have been there. We are married ourselves. 


Yes, that's how we do it. 

97% of time, we capture as real as it gets. We rarely asked our couples to do re-enactment. We want it to flow. 

Due to your uniqueness, we believe you are able to experience your wedding all over again. 

Wedding is a background.

In our wedding videos, PEOPLE is the most important factor. It dictates the way we interpret your wedding. 

Simply to say, PEOPLE provide connections and emotions. This alone is our major driving force in making your wedding video uniquely to you only. 

You are an inspiration.

Why him ? Why her ? What was the turning point of your journey ? What were the challenges you faced in your journey ?

You might be wondering why all these hard questions. Simply because you have a heart. In one's heart, there are always uniqueness and complexity. Struggle and accomplishment. 

What's your story ?

Something good doesn't happen by chance.

It is a marriage of passion, trust and a lot of heartwork.

The way we look at it, you can do without us. We cannot do this without you. 

Your personalities + Your wedding + Your trust + Our passion + Our interpretations = Your cherished wedding video.

If you are at this page, it means you are AWESOME!

Wedding video services is as important as other wedding services. Just like finding your soul mate, you don't deserve anything less.

Our current wedding video works starts from $1900.00.

It will be customized from there on. Typically, we work as a 2 video makers team. If you require only 1 video maker, just ask. 

Feel free and be comfortable with your questions. You can ask us anything that can help you to make more informed decision, we will answer them. 

If you want to meet us in person, we greatly welcome that opportunity. 

This coffee session will not be a high pressured transactional session. It is about getting to your know your likes and dislikes. Knowing these, we are able to render our services catered to your needs. Plus, it is an opportunity for you to find out if we are the one for you.

No obligations to engage our services. No confirmation needed. No payment is required. The last thing you need is someone that is very pushy about sales over coffee.

Not ready to meet, fret not. You can talk to us today by filling up the contact form below. 


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Allow us to be your wedding video makers. 

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