Experience the jittery, the emotions, the laughter, the hectic co-ordination. The way we capture your wedding is all about KEEPING IT REAL.

With us, re-enactment or posing shots are very rare. We only request for "re-stage" if there is a need to. We believe by keeping it real, it can rekindle the thoughts you had, feelings that ran high and low, the emotions and beautiful memories of your wedding day. 

Not only that, share your story with the world. Every couple has their own beginnings and journey. Why him ? Why her ? What was the turning point that made you decided to take it to the next level ?


Like our couple, Lea and Zul. They are the sweetest couple that we came across. We can really feel the warmth of their love and affection towards each other. Never that we knew they had went through a lot during their relationship. 

Example, Zul would never get married until his both sisters got married. That's a huge sacrifice. Lea was so ever patient and understanding towards Zul's sacrifice. And yes, Zul's sisters admitted and appreciated their big brother sacrifice.