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There were few things that were very very memorable for me, personally, during this wedding video engagement. 

Religion Conversion Process
– Seriously, I have never witnessed the religion conversion process. Being able to watch their video when Vanessa made the syahadah, for me personally, there are no words to describe it. I feel so happy and humbled by the video.
– What I like about the video is when the Ustaz said, ” Auntie, Uncle, even after your daughter has converted, she is still your daughter. And she will be a good daughter. If not, you can complain to us. ”
This sentence to me, personally, is very important and powerful. Ustaz is reminding Vanessa’s parents that they are not going to lose her daughter. 

Handphone Video Clips
– When they first requested whether I can incorporated the conversion process video into their wedding video, the first thing came to my mind was the QUALITY.
– I had to explain to them the huge difference in quality and how it will turn out. I know it is going to be very bad and very pixel-ated (meaning a lot of squares and jell-o effect)
– That’s the reason why the video I cannot stretched to full dimensions. I am maintaining the good video quality viewing.
– I am just happy that they were receptive and understanding.

Our enquiry engagements
– First, the Ziadz (groom) enquired about a year earlier for my wedding video services. Few months later, it was coincidence that Vanessa made enquiry to me without Ziadz knowing.
– When they were trying to shortlist their preferred vendor, Orangefill and Nazrin were the common one. They confirm their booking 6 months before their wedding.

After the wedding, they were looking around for underwater photo shoot. If you are looking for one, don’t forget to check out

After the wedding, they were looking around for underwater photo shoot. If you are looking for one, don’t forget to check out

How they met
– I am just intrigued by their love story and it is purely the story of fate (takdir).
First, Vanessa decided to embrace Islam without anyone forcing. On her own will.
– One of the few early doa’s she made was ” Find her a good malay muslim husband. ”
Ziadz is her Dive-Master. It was purely Instructor – Student relationship until one fine day, Vanessa was commenting why some malay muslims were drinking alcohol when they know it is harm over dinner. This caught Ziadz’s attention. Ziadz asked Vanessa what does she know about Halal and Haram ?
– All I can say, the rest is history and they got married on 8 Aug 2015.

If you are searching for malay wedding video services, you may want to find out if me and Orangefill is the right one for you. Just feel free with your questions and enquiries. I will do my best to address them.

I don’t mind a single bit if I am not chosen. I am just to make your wedding planning experience more pleasant.

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