For the first time in our 14 months journey in wedding video making, there is a dais in the house. 

It is a common sight for me when I was growing up. Watching my uncles and aunties got married. There will always be dais in my grandparents' house. 

Ever since, I embarked my video making journey in 2011 and started Orangefill in 2014, it just brings back memories. Where me and my brother, we like to run up and down the dais. Jumping around. Treating it like a ship and we were the navy soldiers. Man, those were the days. 

When the bride told me that there will be a dais in the house, I was wondering will it take too much space, will the living be too congested, etc. I was wrong because the family house is really huge. If you are staying in the first few batch of Pasir Ris HDB 5 room flats, you will know. On a side note, how I wish the BTO 5 room flats of the similar size. 

For me personally, it was very heartwarming and family-friendliness feeling I experienced throughout the solemnization. Here is the excerpt from their solemnization day.