Loves Fatty Cat Till Love Eternity = She Is The One.

How do you know if She / He is THE ONE ?

For any couples, the answer differs from one to another. And to Dzul and Haslinda, they were no different either. For Dzul, the answer came during one of their dates. 

Like any other dates they went, this time was different. They were stopped by a photography company to do an experiment. They played along. 

Each of them has to write 3 things or words about LOVE. They will not have the chance know what the other party wrote until the photograph is taken. 

It turned out :- 

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When Dzul saw how their message combined, exactly at that point, he knew Haslinda is THE ONE. To Dzul, it was a sign from God. 

How about you ? If you love to share your own experience, leave a comment below. 

In the mean time, do enjoy their SOLEMNIZATION HIGHLIGHTS.

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