Desinta’s request for Wedding Photo Montage.

Desi and Latep did not planned to have wedding video services for their wedding day. 

When one of our wedding videos appeared on their Facebook newsfeed, somehow or rather, they felt that it would be nice to have a wedding video. 

That was way back in December 2015. They were getting married in April 2016. 4 months to go. 

So began the numerous online engagements. 

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When it began, it was a mismatch of customer and vendor. Desi and Latep have a budget which they intend to abide. Whereas Orangefill's pricing is at 33% more of their budget.


That’s what we always encourage couples to do. And Desi decided to open up and be direct about her budget and expectations.

With her mentioned budget, we are not able to provide 2 video makers service.  Our wedding videos are done by a team of 2 video makers. This is due to film-making technique and applications.

On top of that, Desi wanted a wedding photo montage as additional service.

What we did was to manage our expectations as a whole as our engagement carried on. 

About 2 weeks later….

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When we read that reply, the first thought that came to mind, it was a lost opportunity. 

Still, Desi has a lot of questions. Since we have been through that stage before ourselves, we really understand her anxiety. We did our best to help Desi with her questions. 


It was a nice surprise. On a personal level, we love meeting couples for coffee and talk about how they fall in love. It is always refreshing to hear these kind of stories. It makes you feel energized and inspired. That's just us. 

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Yupz. We met. We talked. And Desi and Latep made us as their official wedding video maker. They took our one video maker package with additional service, that is wedding photo montage. 

Nazrin will blog on another day about their wedding day. 


If you are planning for your wedding and you are searching for wedding video services, drop us your questions. We will do our best to be of any assistance to your inquiry. 

All we want from you is just feel free and be comfortable with your questions. 

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