A Gift That They Can't Leave Without.

” My mother tak kasi….. ”

The moment Shafiq said that during our coffee session, I said to myself, “Please, please, please choose me as your wedding video maker.”

I could really really relate to that sentence. You see, the moment I started working, my mother already give me a warning, “You want to get married ? You only can do so after 5 years.”

When you have a Boyanese mom, you cannot go against her. If you do, it will mean World War 4. That’s my mom. So, I played her game. Until today, I do not know what are her real intentions. I know it will always be for my good.

We shared so much during the coffee session. From how they met, who made the first move, why her, why him, etc. We even went through how the final DVD will turn out. Then, I asked about what are the challenges they faced during their relationship. That's when Shafiq opened up. 

I doubt Shafiq's disapproved of their relationship and their intention of getting married. I sincerely believe that Shafiq's mom wanted the best for Shafiq and Shahirah. 

I mean, like me, I have told my wife that in the future, to tell our son that he can only bring his girlfriend home to meet us only when he is thinking about marriage. Why ? I have been in and out of relationships before I met my wife. She is the only girl that I brought home to meet my parents. There is a saying goes, "When you know it, you just know it."

I really believe Shafiq's mom had her reasons. It only meant the best for them. 

Words cannot begin to describe the dedication of a mother to her child starts from conception to upbringing, the mother has unquestionably gone through hard times.

The Prophet also said, “The desire of Allah is in the desire of the father, and the anger of Allah is in the anger of the father.” This shows that the father also plays important role in the life of muslim.

Shahirah did mentioned during the coffee that she will try her best not to cry on her big day. Well, just almost. Almost….

Watch their wedding highlights below

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