Love Is About Putting Others First.

" I like the shaky videos in your wedding videos. It gives that authentic feel. "

That's one of the many reasons why Farhan decided to engage Orangefill's wedding video services. 

But that's not what we want to share or blog about. We want to share about how they met. 

Photo Captured By  Colossal Weddings

Photo Captured By Colossal Weddings

We first met Farhan and Nurul at Starbucks Manulife Building. We began talking and discussing about wedding stuffs. 

As our conversation went along, we decided to ask about how they met. 

Well, they met through an online dating portal. At the same time, they had reservations about meeting people through the portal. 

Farhan shared that it was the worst feeling he had. In a good way, though. He was so nervous that he could not structure a proper sentence when talking to Nurul. 

Somehow or rather, that first meeting was all Farhan needed. 

Photo Captured By  Colossal Weddings

Photo Captured By Colossal Weddings

When comes to Nurul, it is because of one drawing that Farhan did. Farhan drew a portrait of her. COME ON !! How sweet is that !!

Nurul shared that she NEVER had someone drew her. It was the sweetest thing ever. That was the turning point for Nurul. Farhan is the one. 

Farhan was tasked to sketch an image of Nurul in 1 minute. 

Farhan was tasked to sketch an image of Nurul in 1 minute. 

After much consideration, they decided to engage our wedding video services. The rest is history. 

Truly, we enjoyed our time working together. 

There is this instance where 1 month before the wedding, we met to go through the wedding itinerary. 

Farhan and Nurul were so thoughtful that they kept asking whether their planning will tire us out OR causing problems for us. 

We assured them that we will work according to their plan. Must give a lot of respect to the King and Queen for the day. 

We were honored when Farhan and Nurul took our suggestion about their cake cutting event. 

We were explaining on how to make it look grand and have a personal touch at the same time. 

" In order to make your cake cutting event look grand, we need to work with many people. 

#1 - You need to discuss with your DJ and asked him how he will conduct the cake cutting event. A good DJ will know how to work the crowd and create that atmosphere. 
#2 - Party poppers. It may look childish BUT when comes to photo and video coverage, trust me. It works wonder. 
#3 - Invite your parents to be alongside of you. After all, you owe them that much. Surprise them with your gratitude. 
#4 - Speech is important. It is either you do it well OR you don't do it. It is ok if you have to deliver your speech with a piece of paper on your hands. You can get away with anything on that day. You are the King and Queen for the day. "

Yupz. That's what we shared with them. 

Cake Cutting Event

Cake Cutting Event

Their wedding video highlights is below. Click to play. 

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