We Switched To Sony System

For the first quarter of 2019, we decided to purchase Sony cameras for our video and photo works.

The biggest reason why we decided with our purchase because of Sony ISO capabilities. And yes, it is so amazing.

ISO is a big thing.

If you are a video or photo enthusiast, we always want to have a lot of available light in order to capture a photo or record video with a good exposure.

But when our shooting environments are not able to provide a sufficient available light, that’s when we will bump up our ISO settings. Tendency, with the older model cameras, as you increase your ISO, it tends to produce a lot grains in your video / photo.

As the camera technology improves over the years, we can bump up the ISO as high as possible with grains least visible. So we decided to do a video test for you to observe.

Watch the video below.

Trust us, we were amazed with the results.

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