Everyone Can Make Video

On 13 Dec 2015, I conducted a DSLR Video Making Workshop for anyone who has interests in video making. 


I was honored by the number of participants who willing to give me this opportunity to share my knowledge, mistakes and experiences about video making. This workshop will never be a success without them giving this chance.

It was amazing that I got to learn from the participants themselves. Ranging from secondary school students to working professionals. Even though, this is workshop is meant for DSLR video enthusiasts, there are a couple of participants who are using handphone and drone for their video making. On top of that, we were sharing our own video making journey and mistakes, I, personally, benefited from it immensely.


I know when I first started, I need that a little bit extra to make my video look good. I would get frustrated and dejected when I cannot replicate a certain technique.  I want to know and learn how others do it so badly. I do not have that opportunity back then.

On top of that, all the courses I signed up were cancelled at the last min due to lack of participation. I have to make a lot of mistakes before I can nailed it. After 6 months starting my journey back then, I decided to craft my own opportunities. 

I started to blog about my video mistakes. The birth of my personal blog. www.nazrinsalim.wordpress.com

I started a thread in Club Snap forum for the similar cause and I cannot believe it was the most highly viewed thread. 

From doing those two actions, that's when opportunities rises. That's when people were taking me for real. That's also when I learned a lot when people I do not know criticize my video works. 

i learn to share because.png

I want to help people to jump start or a head start in their own video making journey. I want to help people to focus on things that matters, works. I make it happen last Sunday. It was so awesome and humbling.


My intention was to equip the participants with a set of skills in terms of shooting and editing. I hope with this set of skills, they are able to make better videos, increase their quality and for some, it is about increase their pricing in their video business.

Some of the concepts or fundamentals that were covered :-

  1. Don’t just press the record button, create your story. Let the world know about your opinions.
  2. How to move your audience with FRAMING.
  3. Editing starts when you shoot NOT at your workstation.
  4. Basic color correction and TRANSFORMERS shadows color grading.
  5. RETURN OF INVESTMENT in equipment purchase.
  7. Instagram video making – struture


Firstly, I was down with a cold and sore throat. Somehow I was really upbeat about this workshop. I really do not know where I muster my energy to conduct this course. Trust me, RAW HONEY really works as a quick remedy for sore throat.

Second, I welcome anyone with a different set-up. Like Nikon and FCP users. It was a totally different workflow. I am thankful to have Tsaqib Rahman, a freelance wedding professional to assist me. Totally awesome. Next time, I have to strictly request for Canon Users only. 

Third, I went too fast with the editing part till some were unable to follow. Plus, the projector did not project the actual scale of my laptop monitor. And the bad part was, the projector were not color corrected. It wasn’t a good representation of my color grading. To such extent, I had to go table to table to show how it looked.

This is my second time conducting a video making workshop. The first one was back in Feb 2015. 


The feedback about the course is GOLD. For me, it is about bettering and improving. It is about creating an enriching experience for the future.

Couple of participants already asking one to one mentoring session which I did two weeks later. 

Another were asking for a day of practical lesson. Well, I am planning for Feb 2016.

If you are into video making. Be it for hobby, passion or freelance work, click on the image above to sign up for updates, tips and guides from me. I will sharing my own mistakes. What works for me and what doesn't. To our success.