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You all ada Mak Busu macam ni tak ?

You all ada Mak Busu macam ni tak ?

One of the most memorable event for Fathul Hakim and Siti Ruzaidah wedding, was Ruzaidah’s Mak Busu.

Makcik Gerekz and Satay !

This wedding have to be the most memorable one for me and my team so far in 2015.

Why ?


- The bride's makciks / aunties are  SUPER DUPER Kecoh, Fun, Friendly, Suka Menyakat (Poking Fun)
- In this this video, you can see they are poking fun at our photographer, Farid Fotography, who was on the dais.
- They were mimicking Farid's actions every time he wanted to take photo.



- We have to admit this, the videomakers and photographers, cannot concentrate because of the satay smell.
- We are guilty because we kept looking at the buffet table to monitor that it is not finish.
- This is our first time witnessing satay being served as part of the usual wedding menu.
- We ask the couple how much Harun Satay charge, $0.70 per stick. That's it. They served 5000 sticks on that sunday.
- Harun Satay is my favourite satay stall. For your info only.

NIZAM | SAFARINA - Wedding Highlights

rangefill was highly recommended by Nizam's uncle. Seriously, we personally, had never render our services to the uncle. So we were in awe when Bro Yusof told the couple that he trusted us because we came as people that are honest, hardworking and not afraid to admit mistakes during our coffee session with the couple. How did he find out about Orangefill ? He came across this blog, website and we had 2 coffee meet ups before.

On top of that, we were tasked to search for a wedding photographer as well. We had no problem with that as we have Farid Fotography as our preferred working vendor in weddings. Bro Yusof is also a photographer but he is not into weddings.

The challenge we had with Nizam and Safarina is that, they are quite reserved on camera. It is our style that we dig deeper into couple's love story so that we can use it in the wedding video. But they are not willing to. So, we rather not to push it to an extent it will create an uncomfortable experience for them. But on a personal level, they are a great company to chit chat and laughed with.

If you are looking for a wedding video services, do hesitate to contact us for more details. Feel free and be comfortable with your enquiry. We would take my time to address them.


Our first blog post for 2015. Here it goes...

It always a practice for me and my partner to turn up early for wedding assignment. On 17 Jan 2015, the “road accident” really put our “system” to the test.

My partner supposed to report to bride’s place at 11.30am. I am supposed to report at the community centre at the same timing. Typically, we would left our house 30-45 minutes earlier. Both of us were late! This is our first time being really really late.THIS IS LIKE 30 MINUTES LATE ! Inside my mind “Macam mana ni, majlis orang!” 

I was caught in the traffic jam caused by an accident at the junction BKE into TPE. That’s the whole bottle neck. Not only that, once I clear that portion, there is another accident along PIE from CTE junction. Another bottleneck. My destination is Geylang and I am coming from Woodlands.

The accident along the PIE from CTE junction was really major. Because, my partner was stuck in the slow moving traffic from BKE all the way to that particular junction of PIE/CTE. We cannot use our phone as we were driving.

We were lucky to have the official photographer Azfian who is so kind in trying to calm the bride and explaining. When my partner reached bride’s place, he explained and apologized for being late.

Because of this incident, me and my partner in crime decided that we need to leave the house one hour earlier. No excuses. Which we did for our weddings in March and April this year.

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