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Desinta’s request for Wedding Photo Montage.

Desinta’s request for Wedding Photo Montage.

When one of our wedding videos appeared on their Facebook newsfeed, somehow or rather, they felt that it would be nice to have a wedding video. 

That was way back in December 2015. They were getting married in April 2016. 4 months to go. 

So began the numerous online engagements. 

What if your planned nikah and sanding is 3 months apart ?

What if your planned nikah and sanding is 3 months apart ?

No fret. We have done it.

We provided our wedding video services to Dadly and Afnidah. They planned their nikah in September 2015 whereas their wedding reception was held in December 2015.

Orangefill Wedding Reel 2015

Orangefill Wedding Reel 2015

2015 has been a journey that I would not forget. I would like to thank all my couples who had engaged Orangefill wedding video services. Thank you for your support, encouragements, confidences, understanding and patience. Me and Faisal felt appreciated with the love you all have shown and shared with us. Thank you. 



We are trying out instagram videos for marketing and promoting purposes. At the same time, our couples love them. We do not know that we can get that kind of responses. They are loving it. 

If they are loving, why should we stop doing it ?


It is not easy though to edit a full wedding event into a 15 seconds video clips. Be able to capture the essence of the wedding and put it into a 15 seconds story, we are asking for it. 

Our approach ? We go for moments. We go with our feelings. Piece them together beautifully. Keeping it simple and honest. 

Let us know what you think.